What Makes MCSC Charlottesville’s Premier Surgical Center?

Jordan Hackworth 08/17/2016
Dr. Nielsen and C.S.T. Latisha repair a torn rotator cuff.

Dr. David Nielsen and CST Latisha Hoge repair a torn rotator cuff.

Unparalleled Safety – We take pride in putting safety before every other consideration. From making sure we hire only the highest quality, well-trained staff to adhering rigorously to federal and national safety standards, we strive to make your experience as safe as possible. To maintain the highest levels of readiness for unusual or unanticipated events, we are constantly evaluating our emergency readiness, conducting numerous ongoing in house drills and maintaining active ACLS and PALs certifications for all of recovery room RNs and MD anesthesiologists.

Clinic Manager Vicki Brozovich, RN

Clinic Manager Vicki Brozovich, RN

The Patient Experience – Patients are telling us they enjoy the privacy and convenience of our modern facility! In a recent patient satisfaction survey (1st Quarter, 2016) fully 100% of respondents said they would come back as a patient and 100% said they would recommend the center to a friend! It speaks volumes about how we designed and staff the center. From the easy parking right outside the front door, to our large, private pre- and post-operative rooms, the patient experience at MCSC varies markedly from the logistical headaches and delays encountered at crowded academic medical centers or from the anonymous and less personal experience many patients feel they receive at large, profit-driven hospitals.

Your Choices are Valued –  Our small size and flexible scheduling allows patients more options in scheduling surgery to best fit your hectic schedules. Once here, our physician anesthesiologists work closely with you to create a peri-operative plan that safely meets your goals and health status. For some patients, this may mean regional anesthesia to facilitate a quick and easy recovery. Others may elect the deep slumber of general anesthesia- choosing to blissfully snooze far away fromIMG_0371 the operating room. Either way, your surgical day is focused on you, your goals and keeping you comfortable and safe!

Outcomes – Our focus on all the above leads to what we are most proud of – Superior Outcomes.  When you choose MCSC, you can rest assured you’re having surgery at a center that consistently beats national benchmarks for infections, major complications and postoperative nausea. Our rates of complications are very low, lower than both national averages and industry benchmarks. That means you’re significantly less likely to have problems after surgery and more likely to be pleased with the outcome of your surgery. 

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